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Life Coach Craig Colvett On The Importance Of Putting In The Work To See Real Change Occur

Life Coach Craig Colvett On The Importance Of Putting In The Work To See Real Change Occur


When someone hears the words ‘Life Coach,’ they tend to define it in many different ways. The easy way to think of a Life Coach is a partner for anyone looking to improve their life. The focus can be on your career, a relationship [of any kind], health/well-being, environment, and more. Today we visit with Craig Colvett, Life Coach and founder of Coach Craig, to discuss how he works with clients and some of his techniques to help people thrive and achieve their goals.

‘Well for starters, successful people recognize something that’s very important to their success: they don’t know everything!’ Craig notes. ‘We don’t know what we don’t know and one very straightforward path to learning about oneself is to invite others to take a look and reveal what they’re witnessing.’ Craig shares more about how he helps clients grow through life’s challenges.

One tool Craig uses in his sessions is to challenge a person’s typical thought process and patterns. Over the course of our lives, we develop thought patterns with respect to decision-making. Oftentimes, these patterns serve us well. If we’re assuming someone is successful, then odds are their thought processes are prudent, instinct-based [most good decisions are instinct-based, just look at business titans], and can be easily articulated. However, as new challenges arise, new solutions may be required.

First, those blind spots need to be acknowledged. Then, they can be addressed. Craig works with his clients to either help the client illuminate those blind spots and/or illuminate them for the client. Now the client can decide how to best proceed. It’s important to remember that coaches generally don’t provide the answer but rather guide the client to discover what’s best for them.

Another tool is flashing ahead and imagining what being on the other side of the situation looks like. As Craig notes ‘visualizing success’ can serve a valuable role. What does success look like? Why is a particular outcome important? How does it serve you and your bigger-picture goals? Helping clients recognize they’ve faced other challenges before and have persevered and overcome those challenges helps us remember past wins and gives us a confidence boost!

Lastly, though arguably the most important one, is acknowledging and unpacking emotions that we experience around topics. As humans, we are emotional beings. Connected to these emotions are energy, instincts, and what ‘feels’ right. So Craig likes to help clients make the connection to what someone feels energetically with these topics. So for example, does your job feel heavy and off-putting or, are you passionate about it and love waking up ready to conquer the day? What emotions do you attach to your job? What physical sensations do you experience while at work? Are you anxious, nervous, or frustrated? Craig approaches these as our body telling us something is wrong. From there, Craig focuses the client on learning to trust these feelings and use them to guide us.

These are just a few examples of how Craig works with his clients. Life Coaches can have different approaches and there is no right or wrong way to work with clients. It’s about fit and feel. You know when you click with someone. As you think about where you are and where you’d like to be, be curious and open to partnering with a Life Coach!

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