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Jacob Quartermaine On Giving back And Shifting Your Reality Through Spiritual Transformation

Jacob Quartermaine On Giving back And Shifting Your Reality Through Spiritual Transformation


At JMR Discoveries Coaching, Jacob Quartermaine; Founder, Spiritual Counselor, Reiki Practitioner, Life, Transformation, and Business Coach, infuses his years of Corporate Human Resources experience, and keen sense of spiritual intuition to curate individualized coaching plans for each client.

Jacob Quartermaine explains that he was born with the gift of being claircognizant – defined as ‘The ability for a person to acquire psychic knowledge without knowing how or why they knew it.’ “Since I was a child I have always just known and sensed things intuitively. I could read people very well. I always knew when someone was sad, mad, or withholding something.”

Jacob got his start in North Texas, in a traditional christian African American family, in the 1990’s. He recalls fond memories of gatherings that included family, friends of family and just about anyone who was in need. “My great grandmother was a very giving woman. She always made it a point to encourage and guide us to help others.” From soul food and church on Sundays, to backyard BBQ on a hot summer Saturday, these precious times for Jacob set the stage for a life of service, loving thy neighbor and providing a helping hand to those in need.

As an adult, this translated for Jacob to the service of others, using his God given gifts and life experiences to help others. Seeking a life coach of his own, Jacob set out to find someone to help him work through tough life circumstances and road blocks, as well as to grow and develop his psychic senses and abilities. “Growing up in such a religious familial environment, as well as being a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, I was taught subconsciously to suppress who I was, as well as to reject anything that was not christianity,” he says. Jacob recalls that while in college he came across the teachings on the Law of Attraction, and this led him to seek a life coach where he discovered his calling.

Jacobs explains that his unique God given gift(s), works in conjunction with the training that he received as a Life Coach. Combining life experience, and teaching on religious principles is the foundation of Spiritual intuitive life coaching. This niche style of coaching begins with grounding work (a technique used to clear the mind, relax, and reconnect with the pure positive energy that comes from the earth) for Jacob and his client(s) to ensure an honest conversation without blame or shame. In fact, Jacob explains that his clients can be of any religion, or background and transformation to take place. “I accept clients right where they are, and with the God of their understanding,” he says. “My job as a coach is to encourage transformation from within, not convert clients to a specific religion or doctrine.” If the client books future sessions, they continue with conversations, exercises, and activities that uncover the clients’ dreams, goals, and passions. Based on the client, Jacob will utilize tools such as Tarot Oracle cards, and crystals to read the energy and overall aura of the client.

A typical new client to JMR Discoveries Coaching can expect to book an informational and brainstorming session with Jacob at no additional cost. Jacob explains that this is to ensure that both the client and Jacob are a vibrational match on a spiritual level, and the client is willing and ready to take that leap into a life changing metamorphosis. “Every Life Coach and Client relationship is special, it takes a great deal of trust for both to allow the process of true transformation to take place.”

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