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Trade Life’s Hurdles For A Competitive Edge With Nile Saïd Of GoOneUp

Nile Saïd

Trade Life’s Hurdles For A Competitive Edge With Nile Saïd Of GoOneUp

Nile Saïd

Obstacles, in both personal and professional life, create opportunities to climb to a new level of success and fulfillment. Nile Saïd, the Competitive Capacity Strategist and Coach behind GoOneUp, invites you to be gentle with yourself, strengthen your self-awareness to get unstuck, and strategize the path to expanding your capacity.

Sometimes, we get stuck. We can picture what we want for our personal and professional lives, but we can’t quite get there. Trying to move forward only presents more hurdles and challenges — we wonder if we’ve capped out our potential.

Blocks and limiting beliefs can cloud our judgment in these times. We want to change our lives and break into the next stage of growth. Inside of us is a limitless mind and a competitor longing to run free — but there’s no strategy or clear path forward.

What we need is a dose of self awareness and a collaborator who can get us out of our own head.

Enter Nile Saïd, a Competitive Capacity Strategist, Coach, and the Founder of GoOneUp. As the name GoOneUp suggests, clients call on Saïd to help them break the ceiling of their current capacity — allowing them to overcome obstacles and enable new achievements.

Working with Saïd is known to create a paradigm shift, where the resistance that clients are experiencing turns into an opportunity to develop further. Along the way, he expands on strategies that foster a competitive edge: turning the challenges in front of you into nourishment and fuel for your growth.

In a nutshell, Saïd is someone who helps create one’s capacity, whether that be in pursuing professional success or personal fulfillment.

“Even in our fast-paced world,” Saïd says, “all wins happen through incremental steps. If you want to improve, don’t feel as though you need to change everything tomorrow. The whole concept of GoOneUp is that we recognize each success along the way and then build on that momentum.”

There’s a compassion and grace to this — and it’s influenced by Saïd’s own experiences.

Just a few years ago, Saïd — who at the time was running multiple businesses, including a multi-million dollar ecommerce operation he had bootstrapped and developed himself — suffered a nervous breakdown.

“I believed that I had great creativity,” he recalls. “A lot of ideas came to me, but slowly over time I lacked the ability to execute. My whole nervous system was breaking down. Eventually, I couldn’t even finish my sentences, let alone have conversations, plus I was afraid of being around people.”

Saïd even remembers going to the grocery store with headphones on without even listening to anything and going through great lengths to avoid interaction, even with friends and family simply to conserve his personal capacity to finish the tasks at hand.

“Not being able to function scared me,” he says. “I didn’t think I was going to come out of it. What frustrated me is that I knew what to do in order to break through the negative debilitating barriers, but I didn’t have the capacity to do so.”

That’s when Saïd received some great advice: be gentle with himself. Instead of trying to change his world overnight, he started focusing on the little wins.

“It came to the point that I made a vow to myself during that period: get out of bed, make my bed, brush my teeth, and wash my face. If that’s all I do, let’s see how I feel after that. I was committed to not becoming a prisoner of my bed.”

Once he was upright, he could tap into his self awareness to assess his capability and capacity that day, for the next hour, or even by the minute. With every task, he’d take time to celebrate the small win, building on the one that followed from there.

This is where the GoOneUp concept meets not only those needing to develop a more fulfilling life when things are satisfactory, but when a deeper demand of one’s self needs attention.

“Be gentle with yourself, have self awareness, and recognize that you can move in the right direction through incremental steps,” he says, offering advice for those who feel uninspired and stuck.

Staying faithful to the small steps that would take him forward, Saïd rose out of this difficult time. Journaling, meditation, and applying learned personal self growth strategies while being truthful with himself offered new discoveries — and each week he saw his creative and competitive capacity expand.

Saïd has long been fascinated with personal development and human behavior, studying this vast field since the age of 15. This had already pushed him towards his calling as a coach, but now he had a deep personal experience driving his why.

“People don’t have to feel like they’re alone,” he says. “That’s a big thing. I’m not on the outside looking in. I have experienced it.”

Expanding on his methodologies and his personal and professional coaching through GoOneUp, Saïd Co-founded the world’s first and only immersive Mount Kilimanjaro personal development experience. The Ultimate Life Climb is a physical adventure in personal development that invites participants to welcome experience, exhilaration, and transformation into their life — as they climb the highest free-standing mountain in the world, while getting to the depths of who they are as an individual and transforming themselves to become the fulfilled person they aim to be.

“We’re not just trying to reach the summit physically,” he says, “but also the summit within ourselves.”

As Saïd’s story reveals, small incremental steps can go a long way.

Your feeling of being stuck and lack of capacity can be traded for new achievements. What’s missing is a guide and advocate who can listen, empathize, and help you strategize a path to expanding your capacity and competitive edge.

“I get really excited,” he says, “when people recognize that there’s something to look forward to — there’s power when something’s pulling them in rather than them having to push themselves towards. When we can propel ourselves through small steps, create momentum, and hold a deep-rooted why to pursue, we can create an incredible drive and sustainable personal competitive edge.”

If in feeling you have the capability, but lack the capacity to match, maybe the best first small step is to GoOneUp with Nile Saïd.

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