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The Intersection of Sound Financial Metrics and Compassionate Leadership: Brass Tacks With Heart

The Intersection of Sound Financial Metrics and Compassionate Leadership: Brass Tacks With Heart


Catherine Fitzgerald is a rare ally as a coach who brings HEART and BRASS TACKS financial awareness to every conversation. As the founder and executive coach of BrassTacksWithHeart, she coaches heart-centered founders and executives of growing, mid-sized companies to flip their script so they can live their ideal life not someday, but now.

A solopreneur and certified coach since 2018, she’s a one-woman-show, whose sole focus is her clients.

Catherine has served in various leadership roles throughout her life, from regional sales manager, bank VP and CEO, to mom of three grown sons. The years of hands-on parenting while balancing her demanding career provided many “learning” opportunities as she likes to say with a wink and a smile. And any lessons missed in my career juggle were offered daily during her 35-year career leading teams and organizations in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors. She is grateful for every bump in the road though, because her journey of triumphs and mistakes armed her with incredible experiences and led to a proven track record of developing people, performance, and profits in a variety of industries.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing, Catherine overcame many challenging situations in those years; economic recessions, financial turnarounds, complex funding structures, start-ups, multi-site management, and disengaged, disillusioned teams. Her approach is unflinching, direct, and humble. Grounded in knowledge acquired by successes AND those lessons learned, Catherine understands a leader’s desire to be free from the daily details to focus on scaling their business. By incorporating new communication techniques, Catherine’s clients discover they can empower and engage their teams to undertake problem-solving with next-level thinking, which results in finding solutions that are not only good for their customers but are financially sound for their company. Ultimately, her clients discover, once they are no longer the HUB, they hold the key that will unlock scaling their business with a process that fuels their life, not consumes it.

She coaches for full-spectrum leadership, understanding that quality attracts and retains quality, AND healthy financial metrics equal sustainability. What she calls the “critical trifecta” for success in scaling any business. Quality People, High Performance, and Healthy Profits.

Catherine’s process begins and ends with her client’s values, curating a personalized strategy for change. “It is always a custom solution, based on their goals and what they see are the biggest roadblocks to reaching them. Our conversation begins by talking about their values. We move into why they began their business or accepted this leadership role, and finally, what does success look like for them?” Catherine went on to share, “Once I understand what success looks like for them, I ask about the vision they have for their life, asking them the question that I hope they will ask themselves at every turn in the road going forward, ‘Is your business supporting your Life Vision?’ because I believe once a person decides on their life’s vision, the business decisions are simple.”

Catherine holds a B.A. from UCLA and is the proud mother of three grown sons. She is a member of the board of directors for Inspiration Travel Foundation and Fresno County Women’s Chamber of Commerce.

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