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Shaping Tomorrow’s Leaders: A Spotlight on 10 Trailblazers Redefining Coaching and Leadership

Shaping Tomorrow’s Leaders: A Spotlight on 10 Trailblazers Redefining Coaching and Leadership


Being a leader in your field isn’t an easy feat. It takes years of sacrifice, the ability to master all aspects of your industry, and creating unique and groundbreaking methodologies that set you aside from the rest. 

In the entrepreneurial world, many can lay claim to being at the top of their field, but these 10 leaders chosen to be on this list can proudly say they deserve to be … even if their modesty far outweighs their success. 

Anthony Trucks – From NFL to Transformational Coach and Leader

Anthony Trucks, a former NFL linebacker turned motivational powerhouse, has redefined the landscape of coaching and leadership with his unique approach to personal development and success. With a career that transitioned from professional sports to the world of entrepreneurship and motivational speaking, Trucks has established himself as a beacon of resilience and transformation.

At the core of Trucks‘ coaching philosophy is his “Identity Shift” program, which empowers individuals to overhaul their lives by changing the way they see themselves. Drawing from his own life story, marked by early adversity in the foster care system and the challenges of a professional athletic career, he teaches the importance of adaptability, tenacity, and the courage to pursue one’s true potential.

As a coach, Trucks guides his clients through their journey of self-discovery, helping them unlock their capabilities and achieve their dreams. His leadership extends beyond mere instruction; it’s an embodiment of the change he wishes to instigate in the world. Whether addressing corporate executives, athletes, or individuals seeking to overcome personal obstacles, Trucks’ message is universal: transformation is accessible to everyone, and it begins with a shift in identity.

In a world in need of authentic leaders, Anthony Trucks shines as a top coach, whose life and work inspire action, growth, and a profound belief in the possible.

Jeremy Seth – The Microdosing Mentor Helping High Performers Heal And Awaken

Jeremy Seth is a TedX speaker, podcast host, microdosing mentor, and founder of the Microdosing Mastermind, where he implements the intentional use of microdosing psilocybin with his community of like-minded, growth-oriented leaders and entrepreneurs.

He empowers you to live a life filled with presence, passion, and purpose, using psilocybin as a tool to activate your heart, soul and divine intelligence. 

Jeremy’s unique strategies allow you to reprogram specific subconscious stories that no longer serve you and connect with your inner child. 

His ultimate goal is for you to recognize that “you are the medicine” and no longer need to be dependent on Big Pharma or the outdated western medicine model.

Jeremy has also built a huge online presence, where he shares daily tips for his 1.7 million+ followers across Tik Tok and Instagram

Subscribe to his Thrive University Podcast, where he interviews some of the brightest minds in health, wellness, and entrepreneurship, while he also hosts in-person medicine ceremonies in Miami and various cities across the country. 

Attend an Awaken Your Soul Ceremony HERE, or join Jeremy’s Microdosing Monthly Membership HERE.

Cindy Watson – Helping Women Step Into Their Feminine Power

In the The Art of Feminine Negotiation: How To Get What You Want From The BoardRoom To The Bedroom, author Cindy Watson guides women to elevate their persuasive power and influence by debunking unconscious biases and myths that have limited them in the past. 

The founder of Women On Purpose, a coaching service that helps women rediscover their passion and purpose through speaking engagements and coaching programs, impacted the global stage when she gave a TEDTalk highlighting the rise of the feminine voice as the key to the future.   

Living with intent, generating more wealth, and ultimately earning respect are all outcomes of Watson’s methodologies that include focusing on skill sets that show women that they already do possess the necessary behavioural traits to level-up in life. 

Cindy Watson is empowering women to reclaim and leverage their natural power through the art of feminine negotiation. To reach out, contact her through her socials

Rusty Gunther – Leading With Love Is Rusty Gunther’s Mantra To Mentorship

Possessing a passion for unlocking one’s potential is a gift very few sales and leadership coaches can say they have. Rusty Gunther is one exception. The Professional Sales and Leadership Coach at Southwestern Consulting has overseen the growth and distribution of over USD$50m in assets in a myriad of roles and organizations. 

Within a year of him joining Southwestern Consulting, Gunther was the recipient of company-wide awards because of his methodologies, which include leading with love. “That’s a core belief of mine,” he says. “That we love other people, and build from a place of compassion to do what’s best for the person across from us.” 

Gunther’s unique approach to working with the end goal in mind means he’s able to get to the bigger picture in a client’s vision for themselves. “I want to know from a client what success looks like for them,” he says. “From there, we uncover the hurdles, then create systems and habits to help them hit their goals.” 

For a limited time, Rusty Gunther is offering an exclusive complimentary virtual consulting session for your organization. 

To learn more about Gunther’s unique coaching philosophy, visit his consulting page, LinkedIn, or Instagram.

Rudi Riekstins – Legendary Mindset Coach Leading By Example

Profound and a beacon of positivity, Rudi Riekstins lives by the philosophy he teaches those fortunate enough to be associated with.

“If you want to be a leader, you need to be able to communicate with people, while also helping people get to the realization of what it is you want as if that information was their own,” he explains. 

You also need to be able to lead by example, and hold yourself accountable. 

That’s why Riekstins teaches a simple yet profound routine that powerfully aligns an individual or even an entire organization to achieve their highest and greatest potential. 

The majority of people try to enact change through action whereas Riekstins’ PRIMING process overrides the unconscious mind and unlocks hidden potential, possibility and power.

This includes daily cold plunges from his home in North Carolina, along with meditation, manifesting abundance, and writing words of affirmation. 

Riekstins is also a massive proponent of gratitude, and shares his daily gratitude with the organizations and individuals he supports. 

Highlighted by LA Weekly as a leader called upon by leaders, Riekstins’ mentorship programs have transformed the lives of others, as well as generating wealth and abundance. 

He is a Top #5 Coach by Thrive Global and a Top 20 Global Thought Leader, alongside renowned figures like Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, and Dr. Joe Dispenza.  

To live an empowered life, while transforming your business mindset, schedule a consultation call with Rudi Riesktins here

Hit this link to take advantage of the gift of his free book, and head to his InPowered Life Podcast to learn firsthand from the man himself.

Nile Saïd – Competitive Capacity Strategist Shows How To Gain A Competitive Edge For Life and Business Success

The Founder and Chief Executive Officer of, Nile Saïd emphasizes the necessity for a ‘competitive edge.’ 

Saïd is a seasoned professional with over 30 years of experience in personal and business success development. As a certified coach and business strategist, he offers a comprehensive approach to guiding his clients towards their ambitions and goals. His expertise in understanding human behavior and utilizing ideation tools allows him to help individuals cultivate an optimal mindset, leading to increased personal drive and business success.

Beyond his expertise in coaching and strategizing, Saïd’s entrepreneurial background and charismatic leadership style set him apart. He not only provides structured guidance but also connects with clients on a deeper level, drawing from experiences in building and leading businesses. Through his tailored strategies and deep understanding of human psychology, Saïd empowers his clients to break through barriers, reprogram limiting beliefs, and unleash their full potential, ultimately guiding them toward greater fulfillment and success.

And Saïd knows a thing or two about staying inspired and reaching new heights. Along with world-class explorer Sean Swarner, Saïd provides an annual breathtaking two-week adventure summiting Mount Kilimanjaro and exploring the Serengeti, where the duo helps others discover their own high-peak performance, personal success development, and personal life transformation. “One might have the capability to do anything, but without the capacity to match, they won’t or it will be a long, uninspiring climb,” Saïd says, with no pun intended.

Visit Nile Saïd at to take control of your own life and elevate your business and personal shifts.

Inara Dodhiya – Lifestyle Coach Revolutionizing Personal and Professional Fulfillment

At a fresh 26 years old, lifestyle coach Inara Dodhiya already occupies a bonafide position as a trailblazer in the industry. From her experiences founding her company ID Solutions, keynote speaking, and published writing, Dodhiya has helped a wide-range of clients and organizations find fulfillment in their careers: from students to Fortune 500 Executives. 

Dodhiya advocates for a holistic approach to coaching, emphasizing the positive or negative spill-over that our lifestyles, relationships, and careers can have on each other. While an intrinsic motivation for many of those who enter the coaching industry is a fervent desire to assist others, Dodhiya is unique in her sheer ability to connect with her clients on a personal level to evaluate their roadblocks. Her client testimonials speak for themselves: “I appreciated her ability to listen and understand my unique challenges and goals. She was able to tailor our sessions to address my specific needs”.

Dodhiya treats coaching as a co-created space to help her clients realize what they’re struggling with. Instead of trying to give the client answers, Dodhiya finds it more meaningful and effective to lead the client to discover the solutions within themselves. With a deep belief that her measure resides in the connections and impact she makes with the people around her, engaging in coaching with Inara is a sure investment in your confidence and career.

Dodhiya offers individual and organizational coaching, as well as keynote speaking. To begin your personalized coaching journey, visit ID Solutions

Peter Holgate – Paving the Way for Meaningful Business Success

Peter Holgate stands out in the entrepreneurial landscape with a diverse background that spans roles as a soldier, police detective, and management consultant, to raising tens of millions in venture capital and building six global businesses. His experience gives him a deep understanding of the challenges and struggles entrepreneurs and business owners face both personally and in business. 

Working by introduction only, Peter looks for alignment with values and coaching readiness over business size. His clients talk about the insights gained, the learning and growth they experience and the improvement in their quality of life as reasons they recommend Peter.

His thought leadership has been recognized in prestigious publications such as Recode, Fast Company, and the Financial Post, earning him the Technology Impact Award among other accolades. Yet, it’s Peter’s personal struggles, including overcoming scarcity issues, financial instability, and health challenges, that underscore his relatability and dedication to his clients’ success and well-being.

Peter focuses on the importance of being a role model as a leader in business, guiding individuals aged 25-45 in their business journey. With plans to expand his influence through his Eleven Ten Collectives, Peter invites entrepreneurs to engage with his unique perspective on success. Booking a call with him offers a step toward meaningful entrepreneurial growth.

“The Job Doctor” Tessa White: Harnessing The Potential Of Workplace Employees

A role model to women all around the world, Tessa White, the Job Doctor, is transforming the careers of weary employees to empower them in determining their career path.

In 2018, White did the unthinkable. She quit her steady corporate career, trading it in for an exciting, albeit unknown adventure into entrepreneurship. Having reached the pinnacle in her career, she reinvented herself to ‘make a difference’ in people’s lives, as opposed to just making money.

The author of The Unspoken Truths for Career Success explains that she pivoted in her own career, after seeing a gap in the market for someone who could engage in critical conversations through corporate training, career mentoring, and public speaking. “People are struggling with how to communicate in the workplace,” she points out. “There’s definitely a place for it, so I took that leap of faith.” 

Having made an impact in the lives of those needing to jump forward in their job calling, White took social media by storm, providing snippets of her genius to over 1,000,000 followers over Tik Tok and Instagram

Featured in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and Good Morning America, Tessa White, the Job Doctor, is the cure you need for your career blues. 

Angela Di Paola, The Mental Health Therapist, Who Is Helping Others Conquer People Pleasing  

Herself once a self-professed ‘people pleaser,’ mental health therapist Angela Di Paola has shifted her mindset and is now serving others in their quest to focus on their authentic selves more.  

Di Paola helps clients get through her ‘superpowers’ – a unique set of behavioural skills that allow her to connect fully to a client, focusing on their specific issues.

“The tools I use,” she explains, “depend on what resonates most with that specific client. One impactful method could be ‘inner child work.’ It brings the client back to when their ‘people pleasing’ tendency originated. In connecting the client to their inner child and showing that inner child love and acceptance, the client starts to see themselves with compassion and love. This is where profound healing occurs.”

Are you a hard working business woman doing everything for everyone else and not feeling like you are getting what you deserve? If so, reach out to Angela Di Paola and take advantage of her super powers

Angela Di Paola’s book, “That’s Life..Or is it? A Woman’s Guide to Discovering Lasting Happiness and Fulfillment,” is an insightful and practical guide, focusing on the unique challenges women face. It offers valuable advice and strategies for finding happiness and fulfillment, blending Di Paola’s professional insights with relatable, real-life scenarios. 

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