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Peter Holgate On The Lost Art Of Camaraderie

Peter Holgate

Peter Holgate On The Lost Art Of Camaraderie

Peter Holgate

Just why is camaraderie more important than networking when it comes to working alongside entrepreneurs? Peter Holgate, entrepreneur-turned-business advisor, drops by to explain the tools of affinity he utilizes to implement his ‘three key rules for a successful business.’

“I’ve three key rules for business success,” shares Peter Holgate, the South African co-founder of the Black Sheep Collective, an exclusive sanctuary for entrepreneurs who want an aligned community – an ‘an ego-less tribe’ if you will.” “The three keys are emphasizing proper setup, the importance of relationships, and a shift in context.” 

Holgate goes on to explain that the reason camaraderie is more important than networking is a reaction to the loneliness epidemic that has led to an excess of superficial networking. 

Half joking he admits that ‘loneliness is more dangerous than smoking cigarettes.’ “The world has had enough networking, while camaraderie has a much deeper layer. And that’s what matters, something deeper than a network. Hence why camaraderie comes to mind; it’s that feeling that someone has your back, that anchor of support, someone to lean on, a witness, and a shared experience through life.” 

If it seems that Holgate is quite the wordsmith it’s because he is! While deeply analytical in his language, he comes across down-to-earth and genuinely interested in what the other party has to say. “It’s a real challenge in a world where we’ve become so narcissistic that we can only think of our own experience,” he points out. “What I do to address this {with clients} is an upfront set of rules of engagement. The aim is to agree on a two-way conversation so I can genuinely learn what matters to the client, and in return if they’re interested enough to find out about me, we can start this business relationship.” 

With a ‘bespoke’ approach to business coaching, Holgate packs 30 years of life experience into his programs; including being shot and stabbed, while serving his country as a soldier, protecting the streets as a police detective, and as an entrepreneur who built six global businesses, creating over $200m in enterprise value. But while others with the same timespan may deliver from certain life instances, Holgate chooses not to take a specific route as it suits his clients. A don at utilizing emotional intelligence in the workplace, he was able to leave his own traits at the door, seeing as he perceived his own emotional intelligence as a ‘work-in-progress.’ “The dysfunction of the leader is the dysfunction of the organization,” he quips. “When it comes to smaller businesses especially, the leader usually plays a disproportionate role. Therefore, in my own coaching I look more at the functional skills of the entrepreneur with a deep gaze into the emotional self regulation of the entrepreneur. In-fact, I believe it’s fundamental that I’m deficient to a large extent in order to objectively read the label on the outside of the jar so to speak.” 

Holgate continues to explain that the extent to which the entrepreneur can improve their emotional self regulation is the extent to which they make prudent decisions, ultimately being understood and respected by those that work in the vicinity. 

So now that you understand the man and his coaching methodology, just how do you live an ‘ego-less’ life of success within a caring community? 

“It comes back to the three keys,” says Holgate. 

Peter Holgate

RULE #1: Success is All in the Setup

“If the setup is wrong, everything downstream is a gong show,” Holgate explains. Sending clients a one-pager checklist ahead of time, the man who says he’s ‘not a virgin claiming to be a sex therapist’ aims to first get into alignment with the client, finding ways to get them to engage – “it all goes back to that two-way conversation.” 

“I start off by asking my clients – on a scale of one-ten, how are you doing? If they say, ‘a seven,’ then I ask them ‘why not an eight?’ That’s when we delve deeper into what their drawbacks are, along with their ambitions.” The notion that asking clients what an eleven out of ten life looks like for them is Holgate’s way to get their mind in the right place to conceive a world that’s a vast upgrade from the one they’re currently enjoying. 

RULE #2: It’s All About Relationships

Olympic medalist Bob Molle is to thank for this philosophy Holgate points out. “When I think about rule number two, I think about it beyond how most people understand superficial relationships,” he shares. “I learned this when I was raising money. Bob asked me a simple question – “how many people have you had lunch with?” And I was astounded; first because the answer was only one out of the 40 people I’d connected with. Second, because of the realization that it doesn’t take much to make it a relationship. This is where the difference comes in between the superficiality and something more substantive.” 

Failure to take the time to build relationships results in living in a permanent world of superficiality according to Holgate, and that would also mean being in breach of rule number two. 

RULE #3: A Shift in Context

“Success is all in a shift of context,” Holgate shares. During the 2018 Inner Circle Mini Retreat he – along with Molle, co-hosted, Holgate realized that goal setting was for losers. “Perhaps the single most important highlight for me that weekend was the realization that people go about attaining objectives completely wrong.” Linking it back to relationships, Holgate explains that he was inspired by identifying the relationships required to accomplish what is important and then establishing the functional formula to measure progress. 

“When you apply these three rules, you have the gateway to success,” he beams. 

To experience living an extraordinary life, connecting with an unparalleled group of peers who share your passion for conquering new challenges in both business and personal life, create your own relationship with Peter Holgate and Black Sheep Collective, and experience a gateway to a transformative life.

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