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Path Towards Peak Performance: a Holistic and Neuroencoding Approach

Path Towards Peak Performance: a Holistic and Neuroencoding Approach


At the core of every company’s success, regardless of size, influence, location or purpose, are the individuals behind the curtain, making an everyday choice to dedicate their time, effort, skills, and personality into their everyday chores. Just like a computer’s hardware, every individual brain needs to be optimized and rewired when it starts to show levels of internal and/or external struggle that impacts its core. In order for such optimization and peak performance to be reached, this hardware needs to be in constant care and positively stimulated through more than just a monetary or contractual relationship. A holistic approach together with a special attention towards neuroencoding and brain health comes in handy, in order to create strategies that will surpass personal and professional goals and bring all aspects of well-being to the discussion table. This approach will give tools for every corporate and/ or individual self, to take control of how to react and approach the challenges of everyday life, through a rewiring and setting of a whole new set of codes into their internal computer program, also known as the brain.

With training from both Dr. Daniel Aman, double board certified neuropsychiatrist, and Joseph McClendon III, PhD Neuro-psychologist, Dominika Staniewicz, M.S founder member of the Neuro-encoding Institute, for over 20 years, has built her career towards navigating the complexities of mental well-being. Staniewicz concentrates on assisting people to break loose from their inner chains that prevent them from unleashing their true potential, through the power of neuroencoding and neuroscience. Her engaging, charismatic and warm personality has allowed her to share the stage with names such as Les Brown, an American politician and renowned motivational speaker, while also having the chance to be the #1 New Kindle release author, with her book “The Magic of Dreaming Big, Acting Small and Achieving Success”. She has worked and engaged with people from all levels of business, from working on HR management all the way into advising government officials in Poland. It is due to this diversity and vast experience in interpersonal and communication skills, that has led Staniewicz into creating a relationship with her clients of comfort, relatability, and care.

Her personalized, holistic and neuroencoding approach towards coaching, is what sets her apart. Staniewicz explores all aspects of a team’s and/or individual’s well-being ranging from psychology, brain health, and diet to even spirituality and blood work. Additionally, her methodical approach of guided conversations through thought-provoking exercises, assists clients in identifying areas that need improvement and developing strategies for progress.

One case in particular that Staniewicz worked closely with revolved around a Utah company of physical workers that worked directly digging ditches and had never been in personal development training before. Staniewicz gave them the tools to harness what they already had in their brain and reprogram their internal operating system to their advantage. Whether it was through simple tasks like imagining holding hands over the fire or cuddling puppies, discussions about the benefits and the how’s of blood work optimization, or training on how to create sentences that do not trigger people from the perspective of their physical reaction, these individuals were presented with a glossary of methods of how to handle emotions such as anger and anxiety, tailored to their profile and brain “program”. Staniewicz created an environment where her clients were able to reach peak performance as they have never done before, through the improvement of memory, a boost of creativity, improvement of decision-making skills and a decrease in stress levels and anxiety.

Focusing on the whole spectrum of well-being, and through understanding how our brain works, a better company culture, better reactions, behaviors, and emotional maturity can be built. Emerge your company and employees into unleashing their full potential! Book a consultation with YourCoachD and stay connected with Dominika Staniewicz’s Instagram and Linkedin for exclusive, personalized strategies.

Discover how Dominika Staniewicz’s services can transform your team’s potential into peak performance :

● Public Speaking: Build strong engagement and inspire audiences through the power of effective communication.
● Training: Elevate your team’s performance in their roles through the power of neuroencoding and neuro-psychology training.
● Coaching: Personalized and holistic guidance to unleash a client’s full potential.
● Keynote: Captivate and enlighten clients through thought-provoking presentations.

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