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Hear Your Soul – Coach Salman Hatta Conjures Magical Transformations Within Leaders

Hear Your Soul – Coach Salman Hatta Conjures Magical Transformations Within Leaders


Magic lies in community, health, and creativity – not in the status and symbols of the material world. Salman Hatta is a transformational integration coach known for getting his clients out of the latter and into the former. He’ll guide you to a place where you can hear your soul, and walk with you as you integrate its wisdom.

Walk around lower Manhattan around lunchtime. You’ll see investment bankers, brokers, finance bros, and an assortment of other type-A professionals scurrying for a quick bite to eat amidst a grueling 11-plus hour day. Head to prestigious campuses – such as the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School – and you’ll see many more people operating from the mind: full of stress, worry, and anxiety.

What you won’t see much of, in places like these, is the magic found in people operating from the heart: full of trust, acceptance, and intuition.

Fancy titles, bigger paychecks, and the promise of material happiness (which will never be fulfilled): these shiny objects can distract us all – especially high-performers – from the creative and loving magic that lies within us, waiting to be rekindled.

If this resonates with you – you’re not alone. The good news is that it’s never too late to listen to the heart, uncover transformation, and integrate a shift that will fill your life with meaning.

Salman Hatta has seen this happen many times over, in both his life and in the journeys of those he coaches and guides.

You may already know Salman from the viral “The Way Knows the Way” meme that describes his personal philosophy of surrendering and trusting that the universe guides us to the right place at all times. In addition to his coaching, Salman is a Facilitator and Director of Journey Experience, Partnerships, and Growth for 1Heart Journeys – a leading Ayahuasca retreat for thought leaders and founders.

In all things – as his title suggests – Salman is a facilitator for transformation and a guide to integrating that wisdom into your life.

We don’t use the word transformation lightly. Looking at the testimonials and stories of those who have crossed paths with Salman, we see common threads. A deeply-rooted presence, Salman doesn’t offer those he works with a new truth – rather, it’s about uncovering the essence within, like a sculptor revealing the masterpiece inside a stone block, one chip at a time.

While sitting down with the coach to learn more about his philosophy, practice, and story, we got to experience firsthand the gifts that empower Salman in this work. He’s a compassionate listener, while unafraid to speak the fierce truth of love.

We may have been the ones interviewing the coach, but discussing his story of transformation motivated our own introspection. Wherever Salman goes, a sanctuary of deep reflection seems to follow.

Empathy is a common thread for those asked what it’s like to work with the transformation coach. Everyone seeks to be heard and listened to – and this type of experience takes this one step further: offering the chance for your soul to be heard by you.

This empathy no doubt is influenced by Salman’s own journey of transformation: which took him from the prestigious (and oh so material) world of Wharton to a space of magic akin to Hogwarts.

As far removed as the Wharton School is to the circles Salman now frequents, the coach has an MBA from that prestigious campus. In a past life, he was an investment banker with the World Bank – who pivoted into a career as a Silicon Valley executive (helping two fintech startups go public).

But Salman was due for a transformation. In a recent article for Medium, Salman digs deeper into this story.

“You come to this realization,” the coach explains, “that the things we’re chasing don’t actually buy happiness – and you start to question your own beliefs and ways of being. You start to inquire and get closer to your own source of truth around happiness.”

Salman’s philosophy is that this internal source can be tapped into through the transformational experience and tapping into his own heart’s inherent wisdom: intuition – which runs counter to the programming that people are often raised with.

Clients share that their experiences with Salman dig deep. This intense introspection is achieved through expansion coaching, the life-changing experience of plant medicine, and through the power of Somatic Breathwork.

People are often surprised about what comes up during sessions with Salman – especially in the process of breathwork. This practice opens up the soul’s deepest crypts, releasing unresolved trauma that clients have been carrying subconsciously.

“I don’t know what else could have brought them out,” one client says, still beaming from her first taste of the breathing practice. “I feel reborn.”

To heal the soul, we first need to hear it.

“The person before the experience looks nothing like the person after,” Salman says. “Their viewpoints, belief systems, approach to life, perspective, and worldview is fundamentally shifted.”

Salman’s first personal transformation came in 2017, by way of ayahuasca – as he participated in a traditional ceremony which allowed the ancient plant medicine to reconnect him to his own trust in himself, love in all forms, and the interconnected nature of the universe — helping him heal his relationship with his parents and gain the courage to leave a stable job and comfortable life to seek more fulfillment in the unknown.

“That was my introduction and education into Hogwarts,” Salman jokes. “The start to a life of magic.”

Ayahuasca was so integral to Salman’s life experience, the coach formed a connection with 1Heart Journeys – where he now serves as a Facilitator, Director, and a guide to interfacing with and interpreting the ancient wisdom of “Mother Ayahuasca,” with whom he has communed over 100 times. Considering themselves part of a deeply connected tribe, those who trust Salman in this journey share stories of meaningful revelation and path-altering change.

Salman’s framework for coaching alludes to the hero’s journey – the premier structure of transformation in humanity’s most cherished myths. Salman breaks the process down into “Six I’s” – invitation, intuition, intention, initiation, integration, and inspiration.

The transformation – such as the ones happening through ayahuasca ceremonies and breathwork – occur in the initiation, but most of Salman’s coaching focuses on the integration stage – why?

“The integration process,” Salman explains, “is taking the insight of the powerful initiation that they’ve received and putting it into practice. It’s one thing to receive a vision, or a download, and it’s another thing to actually implement that insight into one’s life.”

After transformation, one actually needs to pursue change through actionable steps – otherwise the prophetic revelation received would only have been a fun trip – and a footnote in an otherwise empty life.

This is where Salman is empathetic, while speaking the truth of love. With his clients, Salman helps interpret the wisdom revealed in the experiences and uncover meaningful next steps, using thought provoking questions that allow clients to speak their own, unadulterated truth.

Let your heart take the lead. If a life led by the mind is all you know, there are countless surprises in store. Just ask Salman, who would have never expected the things he’s accomplished since his transformation.

“The Way” has taken Salman all over the world, from 1Heart’s ayahuasca retreats in Costa Rica to radically liberating music festivals in Bali.

Of Salman’s many creative pursuits – which even include crafting artisan jewelry – the coach is a leading artist in the blossoming movement of ecstatic dance. He’s known as DJ Shalman – and his other-worldly mixes have been danced to at legendary events such as Burning Man and Envision Festival.

Ecstatic dance invites people to cast aside traditional conventions – abandoning their feets, arms, booties, and minds to the rhythm that finds them on the dance floor. This isn’t your typical grimy club scene – there’s no drugs, alcohol, or even talking; just will-of-the-spirit movement that sets the soul free.

As with any true artist, Salman’s place in this emerging genre is a reflection of his own journey in getting there: being a man who became unfettered by the conventions of material culture, discovering that seeking true connection and accessing the truth of the heart, instead of being led by the mind, leads to magic and happiness.

In this we see the promise of transformation made real through integration. If the story of your life longs for such a shift, Salman will walk beside you through the journey.

“Through my own self expression,” he says, “I seek to be an inspiration for others. You have permission to be free and true to your creative magic within.”

This is a transformation that will turn your life into a great one – as the word integration suggests.

Your soul is speaking. Do you want to hear it?

Those seeking more can visit Salman Hatta’s website, where you can book a connection call with the transformational integration coach.

For more insights, follow Salman on his Instagram.

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