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Harness The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind To Go From Struggle To Success

Harness The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind To Go From Struggle To Success


Dr Victoria Stakelum, psychologist and award winning mindset coach, is all about alignment – a state of being, she explains – from which huge energetic power and creation can emerge.

We’ve all experienced self sabotage. Whether it’s planning an exercise regime but finding yourself sofa-loafing watching Netflix instead. Or trying to follow a lead generation process but procrastinating and failing to generate results.

People often start with conscious, behavior-based effort. But when the conscious and subconscious mind are pulling in different directions, the subconscious mind will win every time and create a feeling of ‘stuckness. This can show up strongly when we pursue abundance or transformation – the source of some of the most deeply held negative emotions and beliefs. Worthiness blocks, fear of scarcity, guilt around success and complex beliefs about what money and success mean can keep people overworked and underpaid in a painful scarcity cycle. Victoria designed this assessment to give people a startpoint in discovering how they may be subconsciously blocking themselves. She has also delivered a popular masterclass on the topic.

Victoria states “When our values, beliefs and behaviours are not in alignment it becomes a huge energy sink. A useful metaphor is that of horses pulling a cart – if four horses are all pulling in different directions, at best, the cart will stand still and come under tension. But at worse, the cart will break apart.

When we are in alignment a powerful creative energy is unlocked – we move at speed with ease, power and grace”

Dr Victoria’s company The Success Smith, is helping people create success through programmes like The Personal Power Programme and The Chrysalis, which support clients to release blocks and rewire their neurology for alignment, so that they can become free to take action that didn’t feel available or easy before.

In these programmes she goes straight to the source – the subconscious and energetic systems. She works at the intersection of conscious and subconscious mind – where all our habits, emotions, energetic vibration and habitual thought and language patterns are seated.

“We can make a certain degree of progress with conscious effort, but to move fast and far, we need to begin linking up our subconscious power with our conscious intention.”

The consequence of this work is people become able to fearlessly say no, to look after themselves without feeling guilty or worried and importantly, to take aligned action in service of the life, business, career and relationships they want to experience. When they start doing this, their energy increases enormously. Their performance improves. People respect them more. Increasingly, good things start happening, in turn building their confidence in doing more of the same.

It is this skill in helping people uncover blocks, understand subconscious drivers and align themselves throughout their planes of experience that allows Victoria to support her clients to create such profound transformations.

If you feel you’ve gone as far as they can in conscious self-development and want to explore getting that bit deeper into your neurology to rewire yourself for success and abundance, you can contact victoria@thesuccesssmith or follow on Instagram.

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