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Discover Your True Potential, Break Barriers, And Lead With Love With Rusty Gunther

Discover Your True Potential, Break Barriers, And Lead With Love With Rusty Gunther


Rusty Gunther & his transition from a sales leader to coaching others. Step into the world of coaching and mentorship, where success may seem elusive. If you’re seeking a coach who can help you break through barriers and achieve your goals with love and ethics, Rusty Gunther is your answer. His passion for unlocking potential is unmatched.

Unlocking one’s potential is Rusty Gunther’s specialty.

The Professional Sales and Leadership Coach leads with love at Southwestern Consulting, which has been his home for exactly one year this month. In that time, the Phoenix, Arizona-based mentor has racked up an impressive list of awards, yet it’s the ‘bigger picture’ outlook that has allowed him to achieve repeated success. “The biggest hindrance to success isn’t apparent until you step back and take a comprehensive look at your vision and goals,” he says.

Without granting too much praise, Rusty Gunther is a breath of fresh air in the coaching landscape due to a unique mantra of compassion for unearthing his clients’ hidden talents. “I don’t look at my clients from a business perspective,” he says. “I see individuals with unique needs and dreams.”

For Rusty Gunther, he was inspired to transform from a sales leadership position to a full-on Leadership Coach after experiencing the power of coaching from peers and mentors. “I was very lucky to have hired first class coaches for myself before transitioning into this profession,” he says. “I had a one-on-one coach who was there to help me hit my goals.”

Now, with the shoe well-and-truly on the other foot, Gunther’s methodology involves the implementation of systems and habits that allows for empowerment in order to meet objectives.

These habits include embracing the unknown, remaining accountable, and setting feasible goals that are realistic. Even if it means there is occasionally resistance or pushback.

Gunther champions ‘becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable’ which is made slightly easier by taking an empathetic approach to coaching, and starting clients off with smaller goals so they’re able to digest new (and alien) information. It also creates accountability, something Gunther says his clients can manage by ‘working backwards.’ “By identifying your business’s goals you gain the ability to create the systems and find the habits to overcome obstacles and hit goals,” he says.

What truly sets Rusty Gunther apart however, is his dedication to lead with love. “When we position ourselves with love, abundance and gratitude we can be proud of ourselves because we’re doing the right things for other people,” he affirms. Firmly asserting that the foundation of any successful business or organization should be rooted in compassion and a genuine desire to make a positive impact, Gunther highlights that these principles serve as pathways to sustainable success and pillars for building robust relationships with clients and colleagues.

In Gunther’s perspective, this isn’t some distant and abstract ideal—it’s a practical and living strategy. This philosophy propels a fundamental shift away from the relentless pursuit of business goals driven by greed or desperation. Instead, it kindles a passionate focus on compassion for others. This speaks into his ethical integrity and his mantra to ‘act out of love.’ “If you’re building any kind of business organization from a place of love, you can’t go wrong,” he says. “Besides, acting out of love also makes good business sense.”

Gunther’s proficiency in harnessing technology is also a dynamic approach he utilized in order to successfully unlock the dormant capabilities of what his clients already have. “When it comes to technology, it’s not about having the latest and greatest tools; it’s about making the most of what you already have,” he says. “Learning to harness the full potential of your existing technology can save you time and money, and transform it from a burden into a powerful asset.”

An unexpected source of inspiration for Gunther is his profound appreciation for the power of words and an unwavering attention to detail. An unexpected source of inspiration is iconic British playwright and poet William Shakespeare, the venerable bard of old. “When I’m working, scripting people, or reading, I chew on every word,” he says.

The precision with which Gunther dissects language and scripts transcends the conventional. Every word and punctuation mark undergoes rigorous examination, culminating in coaching sessions that are finely tuned for maximum impact. This attention to detail ensures that his guidance leaves a lasting imprint, fostering personal and professional growth among those fortunate enough to work with him.

My greatest coaching success is my clients’ success,” he says. What makes me proud is witnessing their year-over-year growth.”

To learn more about how Rusty Gunther’s transformative coaching can empower you to achieve remarkable results in your personal and professional life, visit his website.

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