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11 Inspiring Coaches Making a Difference in 2023

11 Inspiring Coaches Making a Difference in 2023


In a world seeking guidance and empowerment, these 11 coaches stand out in 2023. Through their unique approaches, they’re catalyzing personal and professional growth, fostering resilience, and igniting lasting change. From leadership mentors and wellness experts to career advisors, their diverse expertise encompasses a spectrum of transformative impact, leaving an invaluable mark on the individuals and communities they serve.

11. Nick Solaczek

IMAGO Therapy Getting Couples Over The Two Year Hump

Are you and your partner entering your “two year wall?” Did your prior relationships suffer in the second year? Want to know why? Enter Nick Solaczek. The certified-IMAGO relationship coach guides couples to break free from their negativity and create an authentic, heart-warming connection with one other.

How so?

His own relationship challenges prevented him from getting past the infamous and aforementioned “two year wall.” Therefore, the man who was featured on Create the Love, ManTalks, and Evolving Man set out to decode the myth behind the two-year fracture and investigate the power dynamics in relationships.

Nick discovered that humans were recreating problematic childhood traumas in their relationships in order to gain their own happy ending. Utilizing IMAGO therapy – the methodology created by Dr.Harville Hendrix & Dr. Helen LaKelly Hunt that focuses on transforming conflict between couples into opportunities of healing and growth, his own love life changed (for the better).

A ‘therapist to the stars,’ Nick’s work with Hollywood celebrities, CEO’s, and secret agents has allowed him to further his experience, leading the way for him to show others how to deepen connection through empathy, listening, mirroring, and validation.

Get all the latest insights and tips from Nick by following him on Instagram.

10. Lorraine Sims

Turn Your Passion Into Your Profession With Business Coach

When you spend each day engaged in the work that you are called to do, you’ll find that every day holds a deeper meaning and purpose. This is something that Business Coach Lorraine Sims has known since founding her business, Trinity Coaching, 26 years ago.

Lorraine knows that each of you has something important and different to bring to the world, and this is your purpose, your calling. If you are ready to clarify your unique purpose, turn this passion into your profession, and earn good money doing what you love, you are invited to schedule a 1-hour phone coaching session with Lorraine to get your plans into action, share your talents with the world, and achieve business success.

Sure the pathway to achieving your goals may not always be clear, but with the help of an

experienced and passionate coach like Lorraine Sims, anything is possible!

9. Cindy Watson

The Art Of Feminist Negotiation

From million-dollar mergers to shifting our mindset, life is a negotiation.

While we often think of negotiation as an adversarial affair, founder, best-selling author, and attorney Cindy Watson has a myth-busting approach to the topic. Watson’s book, The Art of Feminine Negotiation, and its accompanying podcast explores a shift that focuses on the needs of others, while teaching readers how to win better by achieving mutual results.

Behind Watson is a meaningful why. Specializing in social justice law for the last three decades, the attorney has cut through cultural biases to bring the feminine into the world of law, business, and negotiation.

From her role as Founder and managing partner of Watson Palmer Law, to her talk on TedXs stage, Watson — also the Founder of Woman on Purpose — is bringing back the feminine with this new framework for all of life’s negotiations.

8. Michal Braker

The Relationship Coach You NEED

Do you often find yourself questioning everything you see about relationships but have more self doubt and insecurities? Self-discovery provides many answers but also relentless inquiries. How to instantly recognize a soul mate? Would they feel the same? Do long term monogamous relationships really work and what is the secret? Is it possible to have both a loving partner and a patient parent for our future children? The list of ongoing questions is enough to make anyone feel frustrated, uncertain, and anxious. If so, Coach Braker is the answer.

Founder of Braker Coaching, Coach Braker has made it her mission to help bring you strength, resilience, and possibilities to build and improve your relationships.

“No one should ever have to make a choice between two options that neither one of them are viable. I offer perspective and solutions by providing different and creative solutions,” she says. “I can see beyond what is obvious to those who are subjective and too emotionally invested. Having an outside perspective that has real tangible experience and insight is key for relationship obstacles or dilemmas,” Coach Braker emphasizes.

Individuals who work with Coach Braker experience a transformative journey leading to long lasting healthy and sustainable relationships that promote genuine happiness beyond the honeymoon stage.

7. Brent Hafele

Helping Executives Unlock their Vibrancy

According to a 2021 survey, nearly 60% of leaders reported they “feel used up at the end of a work day.” It’s no wonder it is hard to attract and retain top talent when the leaders are burned out themselves.

That’s where executive coach Brent Hafele comes in. “The work world can all-too-easily strip away our humanity with expectations that prevent you from being you,” emphasizes Hafele. And he’s here to tell business and nonprofit executives it doesn’t have to be this way.

Brent is dedicated to helping leaders release resistance, achieve goals, and most importantly, live vibrantly.

Through his executive coaching practice, Vibrancy Unlocked, Brent takes leaders from overwhelmed to thriving.

Take your organization to the next level with Brent Hafele. Visit his website today to get started.

6. Ramsey Bergeron

Unleash Your Inner Power

Are you ready to break free from the limitations holding you back and embrace a life of unlimited possibilities? Look no further than Ramsey Bergeron, a renowned coach, speaker, and entrepreneur who is passionate about empowering individuals to transform their lives. With his unique blend of humor, insight, and practical strategies, Bergeron has become a trusted guide for those seeking personal growth and fulfillment.

Through his one-on-one coaching, corporate presentations, and transformative workshops, Bergeron helps individuals tap into their true potential and develop a powerful mindset. Whether you’re facing career challenges, relationship issues, or personal obstacles, his expertise will inspire you to shift your perspective and discover the incredible power within you. Get ready to conquer your fears, embrace change, and create the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Don’t wait any longer to embark on your journey of self-discovery. Connect with Ramsey Bergeron today and unlock the key to living a purposeful and joyful life. Follow Bergeron on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, or Website for a dose of wit, motivation, and empowering insights.

Remember, your power is in your perspective, and Bergeron is here to help you unleash it.

5. Jodi Kay Edwards

Behind The Scenes Coach for Media and Marketing Excellence

Behind The Scenes Agency stands proudly as an award-winning media and marketing powerhouse, with a proven track record of success. Jodi Kay Edwards, the visionary behind the agency, exclaims, “We’re an award-winning media and marketing agency. We won first place out of 10,000 startups applied.” This prestigious recognition is a testament to their unwavering commitment to excellence and credibility.

The agency’s success can be attributed to their relentless drive to provide top-notch services. They have mastered the art of media and marketing, utilizing innovative strategies that captivate audiences and drive results. Their team of experts leaves no stone unturned, consistently delivering unparalleled performance for their clients.

If you’re tired of waiting for your life to change, take action. Visit the Behind The Scenes website today.

4. Nile Saïd

Capacity Strategist Who Believes in Your Competitive Edge

“Having a competitive advantage and the capacity to match is about having that edge,” says esteemed Competitive Capacity Strategist, Nile Saïd. The certified coach, NLP Practitioner, and entrepreneur has over 30 years of experience in personal success development, human behavior, ideation, and entrepreneurial mindset.

As the founder and Chief Executive Officer of GoOneUp, Saïd is passionate about helping people fully experience more within themselves using his dynamic and specialized strategies, tools, and methodologies. Saïd knows how hard the working world can be, which all too often leaves people feeling stuck and uninspired – experiences he shares. Saïd says, “One might have the capability to do anything, but without the capacity to match, they won’t or it will be a long uninspiring climb.”

But it doesn’t have to be this way. With his guidance, he will help you develop the mindsets and personal strategies needed to GoOneUp while strengthening your personal drive that will change the course of your life. There’s always a way to find our truths, goals, and missions to achieve success on our terms, plus the choice to do so.

With coaching expert Nile Saïd, you’ll not only take control of your life but also gain that competitive edge to elevate your business to the next level.

Visit him online at to connect to make those shifts happen.

3. Reggie Tanzola

Helping Find That Inner Child To Become Legendary

At just 45 years of age, Reggie Tanzola has accomplished it all within the Real Estate, Tourism, and Hospitality industries. Now the founder of Legends Coaching is focused on helping others live their highest purpose, integrating business and spirituality into his methodology by emphasizing the importance of reconnecting with one’s essence.

“The essence of who you are doesn’t change,” says the Vancouver-born entrepreneur. “We don’t pay attention to the essence of ourselves and stop loving in many ways. So a lot of what I coach is getting out of the mind and back into the heart and into the body, finding that inner child.”

One of Tanzola’s unique offerings is the weekly Legends Circle, which cultivates a positive mindset, builds emotional intelligence, strengthens coping strategies, and embraces change and growth. Tanzola cites the necessity of being legendary, emphasizing the importance of having a positive impact on others’ lives.

“Being legendary is fixing yourself,” he says. “Being in your essence, your own power, following your purpose, and then through that impacting the lives of others in a positive way. Anybody who does that is a legend in my eyes.”

To become legendary, reach out to Reggie through his social media channels.

2. Greg Zlevor

Leader Of Leaders With No Plans Of Slowing Down

Over thirty years ago, Greg Zlevor founded a leadership consulting firm called Westwood International that reimagines what it means to lead wisely in a global age. Under his direction, Westwood International has developed leaders for globally recognized brands such as Volvo, McKesson, Cardinal Health, The Singapore Police Force, Sabre, ESPN, and Boston College. He is an eight-time best-selling author, TEDx Speaker, entrepreneur and executive leader who helps ordinary people do extraordinary things.

In 2020, Zlevor founded HopeMakers Collective, and has since brought thought leaders and individuals together to ignite change and make their biggest dreams come true. Through live networking events and an impactful online community, Zlevor gives people a platform to share ideas, come up with creative solutions, and inspire one another to give back.

His passion for change has not only energized the vision of global brands, but also the lives of countless individuals, their families, and communities at large. He is a true leader of leaders with no plans of slowing down anytime soon.

1. Rudi Riekstins

Shift Your Mindset With A Positive Powerhouse

Two words describe the nation’s top-rated business mindset coach, Rudi Riekstinspositively profound. His aura commands attention from the very first step he takes. Events erupt with thunderous applause, and Rudi’s amplified energy bounces from left to right – igniting leaders’ inner flames like never before.

Crowned as LA Weekly’s leader called upon by leaders, Rudi Riekstins’ exceptional leadership programs have touched the lives of many, resulting in remarkable and life-changing transformations.

As a visionary, renowned business mentor, and high-performance coach, Rudi Riekstins Coaching steers individuals and organizations toward success and prosperity.

Thanks to his powerful positive approach, business heads reach their potential and overcome challenges. And his top-rated expertise in the life coaching industry has not gone unnoticed.

Prestigious organizations awarded the ambitious visionary Top #5 Coach by Thrive Global and a Top 20 Global Thought Leader, alongside renowned figures like Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, and Dr. Joe Dispenza.

So, if you want to live your most empowered life, or transform your business mindset, why not schedule a consultation call on Rudi Riekstins’ website – it’s a chance worth taking.

Grab a copy of his free book, and head to the InPowered Life Podcast to learn more.


In summary, in today’s rapidly evolving world, coaching has become a vital lifeline for many, a beacon guiding individuals and organizations towards growth, resilience, and transformation. This article from the Coaching Magazine sheds light on 11 remarkable coaches making significant waves in 2023.

These coaches, with their diverse expertise and experiences, are reshaping how we view personal and professional growth. Their work is not only commendable but also essential in these turbulent times. So, whether you’re looking to pivot your career, enhance your personal relationships, or simply understand yourself better, these coaches might just be the guiding light you’ve been seeking.

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